About Me

About Me

Maren Kate
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Sep 9, 2023 7:15 PM

I live in Austin, TX. My favorite social network is GoodReads. Contrary to popular opinion, one can be both a pigeon-fancier and a cat lover.

Short Bio

I’m currently an Operating Partner at Mahway, a leading venture equity fund. Previously, I started two companies (Zirtual and Avra Talent) focused on helping people find good work and leverage their time through delegation. I’ve also been lucky enough to work with some amazing startups, like Calm.com and Magic.

Longer Bio

My entrepreneurial journey started in college, selling jewelry and other tchotchkes under the ‘metaphysical’ label on eBay. Though a somewhat dubious start, my first foray into online business opened my eyes to the idea of working remotely and taught me how to leverage offshore hires to affordably scale up a team.

In the ensuing years, I've worked for early-stage startups like Calm.com + Magic, while co-founding two of my own. My first startup was venture-backed, and I got to experience the good, bad, and ugly of that asset class. The second time around, we bootstrapped and later had a positive outcome by selling it to a great firm out of New York.

Today, I work at a Venture Equity Fund and spend my days working hand-in-hand with our portfolio companies, helping them build strong moats through talent strategy, operational efficiency, and company culture.

My other passions include gardening, reading a wide array of fiction and non, traveling, and the study of biomimicry. I also love feeding birds.


Maren {at} gmail {dot} com